I offer services to support change processes in people, teams, and organizations. With over 15 years of experience in facilitating co-creative change processes and leading cultural transformation, I am comfortable supporting transformation in a variety of roles. 

Feel free to contact me for further information by phone via +31 (0)6 51992999 or by email at

You need a fresh perspective or strategic support to help you lead change? I have consulted various teams over the years and enabled them to move ahead with renewed energy and insight into their situation.

#Interim Leadership
Need someone from outside to drive the necessary transformation and temporarily take over the steering wheel? Looking for someone to help cross that river until you safely reach the opposite shore? I have led intricate change projects and know what it takes to jointly assess the situation, reach consensus in open dialogue, and implement the necessary strategies in collaboration.

#Facilitation and Process Design
I’ve been trained as a process and workshop facilitator. I am comfortable leading group processes, creating open spaces that allow for open dialogue, and addressing possibly uncomfortable and confronting topics in a conscious and carefully guided manner. In addition, I have ample experience in designing for well-guided processes that lead to connection, engagement, and energy for moving ahead collectively. I’d be happy to support in the design and/or execution of group facilitation.

#(Video) Harvesting
Harvesting the spirit of a process. Capturing content. Integrating essence in the system, on all levels. That is how video harvesting works. Hosting by video, harvesting for the long term. For examples of videos by SIMOON, just click here.

Feel like you are on the threshold of something new? Or is there and area in your professional career that simply seems stuck? I can support you in mindfully assessing the situation at hand, finding your source of power, and moving beyond the blocks that stand in your way of flourishing professionally.

I provide custom trainings on a variety of topics, ranging from Theory U, Nature-based leadership, creative collaboration, and co-creation. Contact me to communicate your request and I can make a proposal to suit your specific needs and circumstances.

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