Hi there!

image1-4My name is Simoon and I am a facilitator of change in the field of sustainable innovation. I support change processes that take into account the people involved in them and the natural order of things. I believe that people, teams, and organizations are eco-systems and that every part of those systems needs to be valued and taken into account in order for them to flourish and function effectively.

That means asking the tough questions with mindfulness, engaging all stakeholders in open dialogue, and co-creating the solutions from a position of collective strength and resource.

Until 2013, I worked for the municipality of the City of Oss (the Netherlands). I spent 12 years at the local government, and as a project leader for innovation I lead the municipality and its partner organizations through change processes (from participatory cost-cutting to deep cultural transformation). In that time I also built the first Future Center in the Netherlands.

Since 2013, I have been active independently and trained hundreds of professionals in creative thinking, facilitating change, Theory U, and other methods of transformation and energy-cultivating practices. I have provided coaching with my horses, for both teams and individuals, and published 3 books – the latest being Creativity for Government.

You could say that I’m exploring new pathways to cultural transformation. With a nature-based approach, I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to transform business, society, and self. For a more detailed overview of my experience, feel free to check out my Portfolio on this website and my LinkedIn profile.

I look forward to hearing from you & working with you!


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