Simoon’s work focuses on capacity building, application through consultation, leading labs and change projects, and community development, local and global, online andSimoon’s work focuses on capacity building, application through consultation, leading labs and change projects, and community development – local and global, online and offline. She has been conducting change processes in the sectors of government, education and business since 2000. 

Simoon asks herself how human potential unfolds in organizations and society, and her work is guided by how she can best contribute to amplifying that potential.

Her skillset includes expertise in the following areas, which she weaves together in her work as a trainer, coach, and facilitator: 

  • Theory U – introducing awareness-based systems change and mindfulness in the workplace as a change model and framework for impact
  • Program & Community Coordination – which Simoon heads for Margaret Wheatley at the Berkana Institute
  • Nature and spirituality – trained with John P. Milton (The Way of Nature)
  • Relationship-building and contextualization – trained with Nora Bateson (Warm Data Lab)
  • Permaculture and biomimicry – an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies
  • Welfare management and human resources development

Simoon’s wide-spanning and diverse portfolio of past experience includes: career consultancy and innovation management in the Dutch government (12 years), freelance consulting (since 2007), project managing u.lab at the Presencing Institute (2017-2018), directing and fostering community development (Global Leadership TV in 2010 and holding of the worldwide u.lab hub host community 2016-2020), supporting local ecosystems in their shift towards systemic change (North Macedonia), training u.lab hub hosts in Scotland, training facilitators at the Dutch Waterboard, facilitating a climate adaptation project for the Dutch Government, education design work with 16 primary schools in the Netherlands, initiation of the “For Tomorrow’s Harvest” social lab for rethinking agriculture.

Simoon is a trained horse coach, lives on a small farm in the Netherlands with her family, and thrives on variety and innovation.

Below you will find some examples of current and previous work.

Current Work

*Margaret Wheatley / Berkana Institute:

Program Coordinator Europe

*Presencing Institute:

*Stichting Westelijke Tuinsteden:

Consultant / Trainer 

*Regional Government Gelderland:

Host u.lab hub

*Local government Arnhem:

Trainer / Coach / Advisor on implementing Theory U


Partner for integrating Biomimicry and Theory U in creating sustainable solutions for complex problems

*Way of Nature NL:

Board Member of this global community of creative and passionate souls, who are committed to exploring and sharing the liberating recognition of Source Awareness as our true nature. For more information, also refer to www.sacredpassage.com.

Selected Previous Work

-> 2019


Facilitator for strategy towards better collaboration with agricultural system

-> 2018

Dutch Innovation lab “For Tomorrow’s Harvest”:

Strategic partner – in collaboration with Dutch national government and Commonland, designed and facilitated the lab in which the whole agriculture system is represented, building sustainable alternatives and prototypes with the aim to change towards a more sustainable system.

-> 2017 – 2018

Presencing Institute:

Project manager u.lab

-> 2016 – 2018

Regional Government Gelderland:

Trainer / Coach / Advisor for applying Theory U

-> 2017

Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and Water Management:

Consultant / Trainer

Future Center Alliance:

Leadership Team for a global community of Future Centers and similar dedicated environments, that share a passion for creating sustainable solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Global Leadership TV:

Director of Community Development. Stories & practices that empower real change, in-depth dialogues with some of the world’s most innovative leaders who are committed to making the world a better place.


Business Partner at this Nomadic Future Center. An innovation firm that uses human-centered, design-based approaches to help organizations step into the field of the future in a sustainable way.

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